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Waterfowl Hunter's Duck / Goose Decoy Tote Coat - Plans

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Item Description

Waterfowl Hunter's Duck / Goose Decoy Tote Coat

Have you missed a great shot opportunity at a duck or goose because your hands were occupied carrying a bulky decoy bag?
With this tote coat you can carry 12 decoys - 6 in the front pockets and 6 in the rear, throw the coat over your head, shake to distribute the weight evenly and head on out to your blind, or back home, with both hands free for a shot should the opportunity arise on the way.

An added benefit is that once the decoys are all set you can fold the tote coat up into a bundle and have a place to sit for the hunt.

You'll need about 4 1/2 yards of medium-weight canvas for the project.

One page ( 1 sheet - front only )
illustrations, materials list and instructional narrative.

My plans are from original source materials such as books, magazines and other publications and the pages are carefully removed.

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