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Build A Fisherman's Drift Sock / Sea Anchor - Plans

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Item: # 10 - 13 - 8
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Item Description

Fisherman's Drift Sock / Sea Anchor

Even when you aren't faced with the ideal current-wind situation , the sock will cut your drift speed greatly and keep the bow heading into the wind with no side twisting.

The sock in these plans is large enough for boats 14 to 16 feet long. To make it you will need:a 1/8 x 3/4 x 56 inch aluminum bar; three 3/8 inch aluminum rivets or bolts; three 1/2 inch grommets; a 2 inch metal ring; plus canvas, heavy nylon thread and 1/4 inch nylon rope.

One page ( 1 sheet - front only )
B & W photo, illustrations, materials list and instructional narrative.

My plans are from original source materials such as books, magazines and other publications and the pages are carefully removed.

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