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Build Your Own Fiberglas Laminated Recurve Bow

Article by Tom Jennings, the same Tom Jennings associated with the developement of the Compound Bow invented by Hollis Allen.
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Item Description

Fiberglas Laminated Recurve Bow.

Tom Jennings has been into Recurve Bow manufacturing many years before he made the Compound Bow world famous. Although Hollis Allen held the patent for the compound bow, it is Tom Jennings that made it world renowned. It is Tom Jennings that is known as Mr. Compound Bow.

The instructions for sale here depict Tom Jennings making a fiberglas Recurve Bow.

The instructions in this article pertain to a 5 ft 6 inch recurve bow. The draw weight is dependent on what the maker wishes - per Lamination Specifications shown within.
Although the parts used in the article are from kit, the drawings, schematics, parts list, lamination thickness specifications per desired draw weight, and designs, show how to make a recurve bow by purchasing or gathering your own parts.

Fourteen pages ( 8 sheets - front on first and last sheet, front and back on other 6 sheets )
B & W photos, illustrations, expanded views, parts list and instructional narrative.

My plans are from original source materials such as books, magazines and other publications and the pages are carefully removed.

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